Green Initiatives

Community Cleanup

WINMAR® Guelph has ‘adopted’ Wellington Rd. #124 between Kossuth Rd. and Wellington Rd. 32 South. We have pledged to do a thorough clean-up of this stretch of road three times a year in accordance with The County of Wellington’s policy and procedures. This not only keeps this ‘gateway’ to Guelph looking its best but also lessens the impact of 40,000 cars travelling this stretch of road daily.

CO2 Reduction

Since 2000 we have been utilizing 4 cylinder cars for our estimators and project managers. Compared with an 8 cylinder pickup truck/SUV (typical vehicle used by the industry) we have saved over 206,000 litres of fuel. Not only has this saved our company thousands of dollars, but has kept 377.57 kg of CO2 from polluting our air. On top of that we have, for the past two years enforced a ‘no idle’ policy for our fleet in order to further reduce our carbon footprint.

This WINMAR® franchise is independently owned and operated. WINMAR® is a registered trademark owned by WINMAR® International Inc. and is used under license.